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WELCOME TO SASCO Paper industry

Success For Your Bussines is what Drives Ours

We are European Industrial Company Producing flexible paper products, with facility of printing.

We are leaders on the production of small and large flat bottom bags as also many others  paper products  such as wrapping papers foil papers , coaded papers , Siliconize Baking papers etc,

Dealing with several customers activities stand among Professional, shops,industries,caterers etc.

Our Philosophy since our establishment is based on the princible that our customers, from the smallest to the largest , deserve the maximum possible service and attention as well the best products in their field. 

By the above philosophy our efforts have found significant recognition and acceptance from our customers.

We are commitment to continue with more special range of products for your satisfaction as also we are opener and ready to talk with you for any special request or special order 



Sasco Business System